Q: Don't all shingles come with a lifetime warranty?

A: Most manufacturers offer a "Lifetime" warranty on some of their products but if you read the fine print, not much is covered. Even GAF only offers a voucher for new shingles and does not cover the labor for removal or installation, nor does it cover non-covered parts such as nails etc. UNLESS you use a Certified installer and are given a Weather Stopper Warranty.

Q: My current roof has a 30 year warranty and although it is only twelve years old the shingles are coming apart. What will my warranty cover?

A: The standard warranty that most manufacturers provide on a "30 year" roof would provide a voucher for replacing the affected shingles and the labor for installation only (they will not pay for tear-off, felt, nails etc) ONLY FOR 5-10 YEARS depending on the manufacturer, afterwards the amount is pro-rated and NO LABOR COSTS are provided. With the Weather Stopper Plus Warranty, we provide a true "LIFETIME" Warranty meaning that the warranty will cover ALL MATERIALS AND LABOR for the lifetime of the original purchaser OR for the lifetime of the second owner if the warranty was transferred within the first 20 years.

Q: If my roof is damaged by hail after 5 years will the warranty replace the roof?

​A: No shingle manufacturer or installer will warranty a roof against damage such as hail, although in most cases the shingles are guaranteed to meet their wind protection rating and could be covered if the shingles fail in less than specified conditions. Homeowners Insurance is designed to cover the replacement costs of incidents such as hail.



ALL PRO offers a GAF™ 50-year non pro-rated warranty which will pay for tear off and replacement (labor AND materials) of any defective products.

GAF is the largest roofing manufacturer in North America.

GAF is American Owned and stands by their product 100%.

Less than 6% of roofing contractors are Factory Certified by GAF to offer a true Lifetime Warranty 

ALL PRO Roofing & Construction is one of the few companies able to offer the best warranty in the industry.